Specialty Visits

While we are intentionally small, Washington International Pediatrics is a full-service pediatrics practice, and our services go beyond the average practice. WIP offers:

Prenatal Visits: Dr. Sabine enjoys meeting expectant families as the first step towards a long-term relationship.

Wart Removal: Right in the WIP office! Instead of the unpleasant freezing, Dr. Sabine will scrape surface tissue off the wart and then apply her “beetle juice,” which typically resolves the nagging wart in one, two or three sessions.

School, camp and sport examinations: If you need a health form for your child to join a school, university or visit a camp, or if you need clearance for your child to participate in a sport, we will assist you with that. Our team will either give you the form at the same time of the visit, or we will email or mail the form in a timely manner back to you. If you visit our parent portal, you can download the standard DC or Maryland health certificate for your child right from your home.

Consultations:  At WIP we are trained in the management of common medical and mental health related problems in children including sleep problems, problems at school, behavioral issues, eating disorders, learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder management. Most of these issues will be handled by Dr. Sabine during routine office visits.

Dr. Sabine may recommend further consultations with a medical or mental-health specialist. In this case, we will help you identify an appropriate pediatric specialist. We work closely with most pediatric specialties in the greater Washington Metropolitan area and will facilitate getting your child the care he or she needs from reliable practitioners.